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Starband Helmet

Helmet for Flat Head Syndrome

The STARband, Cranial Remolding Orthosis, is part of Orthomerica’s STAR Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses

Provides effective management and treatment of a wide variety of head shape abnormalities. Since 2001, infants have been successfully treated with the STARband throughout the United States and around the globe. The STAR Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses has been used to treat Deformational Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly and Scaphocephaly in infants 3-18 months. More recently, Orthomerica has received FDA clearance for the STAR Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses for post-operative Craniosynostosis.

Cranial Remoulding Therapy is available in Orthopaedia. You might like to know that we do not prescribe the treatment to every baby who consults us, we carefully assess the baby’s head with an international medical standard of measurement to determine the severity of the deformity before giving our recommendation to the parents for consideration.

The helmet is fully customised to fit the baby’s head. We are the first centre in South East Asia & Hong Kong to employ the use of a clinically tested and proven 3D scanning technology, eliminating the messy and time-consuming traditional method of plaster castings. Digital scan has a precision accuracy of 0.1% as compared to the manual plaster cast.

 SmartSoc® 3D Capturing System

SmartSoc® 3D Capturing System is the latest addition to Orthomerica’s US FDA 510(k) cleared line of image capture devices for manufacturing of STARband® and STARlight® Cranial Orthoses.

SmartCam™ for Fast, Safe & Accurate Videos Scans

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 with Androis OS
  • Accurate to 0.1%
  • Generic Head Model on the S7 Display shows real time SmartScan™ Progress
  • Does not restrict patient’s movement during a SmartScan™
  • CurveCapture™ App converts 2D video images to a 3D model
  • 2-3 minutes is all it takes to complete a SmartScan™!

Traditional Plaster Cast

Before the technology took over, the only method to obtain the cranial remoulding helmet was through the casting process. It involves laying a series of plaster cast over the baby’s head and requires a trained Orthotist to mold the shape quickly before the liquid dries up. The cast is carefully removed as it produce a negative impression of the infant’s head. The entire process is heavily dependent on the baby’s cooperation and mood and requires minimally an hour. The negative impression is then filled with liquid plaster to produce a positive, 3-D model of the infant’s

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